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Welcome to Tenille Tayla's official fansite! Here you'll find everything you need to know about your favorite Australian women's wrestler, Tenille Tayla! She is a young, beautiful, and talented female wrestler who devotes herself to every single one of her fans. You may know Tenille from a series of SHIMMER matches or many wrestling matches in ECCW. Tenille has been locally known around parts of Australia, Canada, and even in the United States. She has become more than just an object of the indy scene because she's been spreading like a virus around the internet! Tenille has a bright career ahead of her, and hopefully you guys can watch Tenille unfold to be a professional wrestler!

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TenilleTayla.com is strictly a non-profit fan based website, a place where fans can catch up with the latest news regarding Tenille Tayla and all things related/dealing with her. The site IS affiliated with Tenille Tayla. I had her permission to make the website, but all credit goes to her. I am NOT Tenille Tayla nor am I claiming to be her. This Website has been built to soley support her from a fans perspective. The website does not make any profit from itself and abides by Fair Copyright Law 107. All images found on this website are copyrighted by the original owners and being used under the copright law 107, TenilleTayla.com is by no means taking credit for the images, media, etc. All html coding and graphics are copyrighted to TenilleTayla.com and are not to be stolen or used as your own. If you will like to get in contact with the administrator of this fansite please email me at tenilletaylasite[at]live.com

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